From the Desktop of the President:

Posted by Rob on January 4th, 2014

Welcome!  If you have found your way to this page, then you have been exploring the Michiana – South Bend, IN Chapter of ISSA.  We are a new chapter of the ISSA, with our founding members coming together over the summer months of 2013.  I hope that the information found so far on our chapter web site sparks an interest and fosters a decision to further explore ISSA as an organization.  Our goals as a chapter are to facilitate communication between our members, both locally, regionally and internationally; and to support and foster the goals of the ISSA International community.

The chapter board is in the process of finalizing ideas for the 2014 meeting calendar.  Regular monthly meetings will resume in February 2014.  At the time of drafting this memo, I am excited to share that we are finalizing a lunch and learn meeting with Check Point!  Stay tuned to the web site for the date and time of this meeting as details are finalized.  Future meeting topics being discussed include SIEM; Security Assessment Concepts (potentially a roundtable discussion), Ethical Hacking, BYOD and the effects on the enterprise environment and Security Architecture.

The chapter is also exploring ideas around study roundtables.  Many of our members are passing certification exams or maintaining already held certifications.  One of my hopes for the chapter is that as it matures, our members can develop informal or formal study groups to help one-another achieve industry standard certifications.

As a final (personal) note, I have been contacted by several other regional chapters that are close to ours in Northern Indiana.  They are interested in the idea of combining resources, and sharing ideas, sharing meetings, and fostering growth in our chapters.  One idea I personally would like to see happen for our Michiana – South Bend Chapter, is to be the host of a regional Cyber-Security conference.

Stay safe, practice safe computing and remember, Security is everyone’s responsibility!

Bob Staszewski
President, Michiana ISSA Chapter